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A News Service with a Difference

  • High quality cost effective news creation
  • Simple rolling contract with no tie-in
  • Unique, search engine optimised content
  • Copyright assigned to the client
  • All content produced in-country
  • Huge team of experienced, highly educated writers, proof readers and content managers
  • Flexible delivery including RSS feeds, email or automated CMS Publishing
"We realised that we needed fresh news content but struggled to produce it. Working with Search Sciences has taken away the headache of constantly identifying relevant topics and delivers interesting and informative news for our readers which has also helped to generate vital traffic"
Website Manager, Insurance

"Thanks for some great work guys"
Head of Search, Directory Services

The Search Sciences News Service
We all know that the search engines look for and reward unique content. However, most site owners struggle to find the time to produce fresh content on a regular basis. Launched in response to client and partner requirements, the Search Sciences News Service delivers news that is:-
  • Unique - researched and written specifically for you and no-one else
  • Relevant to your site's focus
  • Grammatically and syntactically correct
  • Keyword balanced (contains an appropriate keyword density / number of occurrences of your target search terms without being over-optimised which could risk a search engine penalty or render the content unreadable)
  • Formatted according to your requirements (we can deliver the content to you with some basic HTML formatting based upon your specific requirements or simply as plain text if you prefer)
  • Cost effectively produced (because we do this day in day out, there are significant economies of scale in terms of training, management and in-depth understanding of search engine optimisation and content optimisation)
  • Permanently yours (some other news providers will retain the copyright to the content they produce and will require its removal if you cease to be a client)
  • Delivered when you want it
Simplicity Itself
Our News Service is specifically designed to minimise the time required from clients and partners, without compromising the quality and value of the news content we produce for you. Our friendly editorial team will work with you to identify your requirements including subject focus, keywords, formatting and the most appropriate means of delivery. We will then get on with researching and producing the best news content we can for you!

What Differentiates Us from Other News Providers?
There are a number of excellent syndicated news providers including some of the major media brands. However, the news content they provide will be distributed to a large number of sites (literally thousands in most cases). Whilst of high quality, this content is not, therefore, unique. Most of the major search engines employ so-called 'duplicate content filters' which detect the presence of the same material on more than one website. As such, the search engine benefits of syndicated content are widely held to be minimal.

Clearly we do not operate in a vacuum and there are other reputable providers offering a range of services. For our part, we work extremely hard to make our service as simple to use, cost effective and search engine friendly as possible.

Further Information
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on any of the solutions described above.

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