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The following are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you need further help, please .

Q: Tell me more about Search Sciences
There is a summary HERE. You won't find us in Google because this is a production brand rather than a sales brand. Our business comes through digital agency partners and a number of other brands, some of which we own or co-own.

Q: How big are you?
We provide content for hundreds of clients and over 50 different digital partners including full service agencies, e-commerce specialists, web designers, SEO / SMO / SEM specialists and many more.

Q: How does working for you compare with other content firms?
Most high volume content firms operate on the basis of an "internal market" where writers must bid for work or will be given an allotted time in which to complete it. In contrast, our operation is fully managed - we allocate work to the writers best positioned to complete it which means that we should be issuing work that is properly aligned to your expertise and interests. We treat our writers as individuals, not simply as resources and will actively work with you to ensure that everything works as well as it possibly can. Our mission is to be as easy (and as nice!!) to work with as possible - this is just as true for our writers and editors as it is for our clients.

Q: Where are you located?
We are a British firm, our registered offices are in Tyne & Wear (North East England) but our team work from home all over the UK and USA (and in a number of other countries). See HERE for our office address and other details.

Q: How much will I be paid?
We pay per word. Rates are determined by market forces, client budget, your previous professional writing experience, education, focus subject areas and a range of other factors. Although everyone's work rate will of course vary, once you are up to speed with our systems (which are simple to use) and our approach / standards, you should be able to research and write at a healthy rate. We are here to help you achieve decent throughput and therefore earnings.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: We can pay by direct bank transfer or via PayPal if you prefer. For non-UK writers, the only option is PayPal because UK banks charge substantial fees for international transfers. We regret we are unable to make payment by cheque.

Q: When do I invoice / bill you and when do I get paid?
Our payment terms are the industry standard 30 days net. You need to send us an invoice (via email) dated the last day of the month. We need to receive this by the 10th of the following month for the previous month's work up to and including work completed by the last day of the previous month. For example, we need the invoice for all of your October work (invoice date 31st October) by the middle of November. Payment will be made around the last day of the payment month. In the above example this will be 30th November. Rest assured that we regard our team as our most valuable resource and look after them accordingly. Our systems will provide you with the information you need to invoice us, keeping the administration to a minimum.

Q: What subject areas do you cover?
Our clients operate in most major B2B, retail and consumer sectors. We have on-going requirements in all of these areas:

- Recruitment
- HR
- Psychometric testing
- Business management
- Social media
- eCommerce
- Cars and automotive
- Commercial and consumer finance
- FX and money markets
- Law & regulatory
- Medical, health and well-being
- Interiors, furnishing and interior design
- Construction & architecture
- Retail
- Information technology
- Sport & leisure
- Outdoor
- Real Estate
- Travel
- Fashion and apparel
- Online gaming & gambling
- Gadgets and technology
- Mobile phones
- Consumer white and brown goods
- Pets and animals
- Food and drink
- Product reviews

Q: What forms of content do you produce?
This reflects the diversity of our clients and partners. We produce content including:

- Blogs for brand / link / citation / reputation third party placement
- On-site blog posts
- On-site news
- Editorial & commentary pieces
- Product & category content for new and existing e-commerce sites
- White papers
- Infographics

Q: Is there a trial period and how does this work?
Yes. We will allocate an initial brief to you. As soon as you have completed this, our Assessment Team will provide you with feedback. Most freelance writers make it through this stage with no problems - we are very supportive and will do our very best to help you work to the required standards. You will be paid for the trial brief, even if you fail the assessment - unless the brief has been plagiarized!.

Q: How do I work?
We handle very high volumes. To make this possible, we have an online Brief Management System (BMS) which is our own technology. This allows all content to be researched, edited and published by the relevant team members as it works its way through the process. You will be given access to BMS once we have an engagement for you and there is help available within the system and we provide full support as needed. In practice you will probably find that you will research and create copy in your favourite word processor and paste it into the BMS system when it is ready. The BMS system is very simple to use: you will be comfortable with it after the first couple of pieces. We will active your profile and provide details when we have an assignment for you and will provide further information at that point.

Q: When and where do I work?
All of our writers work at home or in their own preferred locations - you will need a computer and a broadband internet connection. There are of course reasonable deadlines for work but you otherwise have complete freedom regarding working times etc.

Q: Is there a contract?
When you log into the BMS system for the first time, it will direct you to the Search Sciences Service Provider Agreement which you can sign electronically using an 'ACCEPT' button. This agreement is mainly for the benefit of our corporate clients, some of whom are nervous about their identity being revealed. There shouldn't be anything in there that gives rise to concern -- but of course please just ask if there are any questions.

Q: Am I responsible for my own taxes?
Yes. You remain an independent contractor and it is your sole responsibility to declare your earnings to the Inland Revenue / IRS or other tax authority and to pay any taxes due.

Q: What happens now?
If we identify a suitable assignment for you, we will activate your profile, allowing you to log into our systems and we will notify you accordingly. As soon as you have signed in and accepted the Service Provider Agreement (see above), we will allocate a trial brief to you. The system should notify you by email. If the trial is successful, we should begin to issue briefs to you on a regular basis.

We hope the above information is useful. Please if you require any additional information.

Kind regards

The Search Sciences LLP Management Team
See HERE for contact details.

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