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"Search Sciences has created some excellent buyers guides across a variety of categories which have attracted significant additional traffic"
Director of eCommerce, White Goods Retailer

"We are delighted with both the quality and variety of content produced by Search Sciences"
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Content Writing
Decent unique content matters a great deal. Anyone using the major search engines in recent times cannot have failed to notice that the higher ranked sites tend to have rich unique and relevant content on the subject in question. Uniqueness is of great importance. Some of the search engines employ so-called 'duplicate content filters' which detect the presence of the same material on more than one website. Aside from potential legal and copyright issues, copying and pasting material from elsewhere is neither ethical nor effective.

Key Challenges
Creating high quality unique content is however both time consuming and difficult. Some site owners and SEO companies use automated tools to 'borrow' content from other websites and reword it in attempt to rapidly create unique content. The challenge here is that the tool will only be as good as the firm that produced it and will require immense resources to outsmart the search engines. The search engines rapidly learn to spot the 'footprint' inevitably left by these tools and to ignore or even penalise the sites using them.

Creating the content manually is therefore the most appropriate option. Hiring staff to do this will break the budget for many businesses and the opportunity cost of diverting staff time from other tasks is often too high. There are many excellent content writers out there but, since many come from a journalism background, appreciation of the subtleties of search engine optimisation varies widely and the management time needed to brief and steer them with respect to the specifics of your business can prove surprisingly high.

Add to this the increasingly strict submission guidelines applicable to placement content and the high expectations of other webmasters and it is quickly clear that content creation is a significant challenge for most business owners.

What About Outsourced Providers?
There are an increasing number of offshore outsourced content solutions. Some of these are excellent but quality can vary widely. Some employ content creation tools (see above) whilst others utilise staff working outside of their native language. The search engines are known to be highly sensitive to spelling, grammar and even semantics (the correct contextual use of words and the overall meaning of the content).

Our Approach and Offering
As with all of our solutions, Search Sciences content writing can be used in conjunction with other solution components as part of a wider campaign, or as a stand-alone service. We have a pool of several hundred in-country researchers and writers, many educated to Masters or Doctorate level. Some are published authors and the team even includes television screenwriters! These staff are supported by a proof reading team and use the Search Sciences content management system to ensure quality, accuracy and efficiency. Search Sciences is therefore able to collectively research and produce high quality uniquely structured content on just about any subject area you care to name, delivering content that is:-
  • Uniquely structured and presented
  • Relevant
  • Grammatically and syntactically correct
  • Keyword balanced (contains an appropriate keyword density / number of occurrences of the target search terms for which the page or article in question is optimised without appearing to be over-optimised which also attracts a penalty)
  • Correctly structured for its intended purpose (the information needed to 'beef up' the product descriptions for a merchant will be significantly different from that needed for piece destined for content syndication)
  • Cost effectively produced (because we do this day in day out, there are significant economies of scale in terms of training, management and in-depth understanding of search engine optimisation and content tuning)
Enhancing Your Own Content
Many clients have existing website content which simply needs a 'facelift'. Since regularly adding and changing content is another key element of an effective search engine marketing strategy, our content team is able to re-work and augment existing site content for you.

Some clients and partners create their own articles for link, brand or reputation management (RM) placement purposes. In some cases this is ready to go whereas other clients are able to provide us with research notes and ask us to pull the information together. Others simply want a final 'polish' applied to content. In line with our overall approach, we can help anywhere in the process, from managing and delivering all content to just those final touches.

Using the Content
Once your content is ready, that may be the end of our involvement with it. Some of our clients handle the publishing of on-site content themselves, whilst others will ask us to own the entire process through to on-site publishing . Other clients use some or all of the following Search Sciences content services:- Please contact us if you would like further information on any of the solutions described above.

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