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Content Syndication

  • Cost-effective content creation or improvement
  • Hand submission to proven high quality press release, PR & content sites
  • Research and submission to sites specifically relevant to your business
  • Online article status monitoring and tracking using our LMS Linking system
"We are delighted with the results of Search Sciences content syndication campaign . . . we are already starting to see rankings for new search terms."
Head of Marketing, New Media

"Search Sciences takes the headache out of content marketing . . . it is really rewarding to see the pieces appear with our links."
Marketing Director, Clothing Retailer

Content Syndication - an introduction
There are significant benefits to be had in syndicating relevant high quality articles and content to strongly ranked press release, PR, article and content sites. Each of the pieces published includes a signature or 'biography' section, usually at the foot of the piece in which the third party site will allow you to include a link to a relevant page on your website. As you may have realised from reading our linking campaign page, an inbound link to your website doesn't get much better than this: a direct link from a ranked, relevant page directly to a relevant page on your site.

Key content syndication benefits therefore include:-
  • Building brand awareness
  • Driving additional traffic - the press releases or articles on these sites are widely read by a relevant audience, many of whom will click through to your site.
  • Creating relevant inbound links - good PR and content sites will be ranked by the search engines for your target terms and the link to your site will be count towards your overall link equity (the links that the search engines count when assigning ranking).

Content Syndication - the challenges
PR and content sites vary widely in quality and in their stature with the search engines. Some have difficult user interfaces making the submission of the content a lengthy process. Others claim to offer a link within the signature or author biography but when the piece goes live, you discover that your link is in fact redirected through their site which, from a search engine perspective, negates most if not all of the benefit of the link. Some sites simply seem not to publish content -- ever!! Others have many duplicate submissions in each category (see comments on automated tools below) and poor relevance which will adversely affect their long term ranking and thus the value of your content the link therein.

Even assuming that you are able to create high quality unique content, the submission process itself can be very time consuming. There are plenty of lists of PR and content sites available but our experience has shown that less than 10% of these sites will be appropriate to the needs of any given client. For anyone trying to manage the process themselves, this can mean a great deal of time wasted in trial and error.

This has forced many businesses to look at submission tools or outsourcing. The challenge is that may outsourcing firms will use automated submission tools and 'bulk' submission accounts with the PR and content sites. The key issues here are:-
  • Duplicate submission - take a look at some of the lower ranked PR and content sites and you will see endless duplicate submissions (sadly many from search engine management firms) in each category. Most of these are the result of the indiscriminate use of bulk submission tools and accounts. These dilute the relevance and quality of the site's category page and thus the value to the authors of the pieces.
  • Non-unique submission - the higher quality PR and content sites insist upon and police uniqueness. There is NO value in submitting exactly the same content piece to multiple sites: the search engines' duplicate content filters will almost certainly pick this up. Press release are, however, usefully submitted to multiple sites as they area treated differently. Most of the budget submission offerings will simply fire your piece off via an automated tool to their entire list of PR or content sites. The lower quality sites will accept it, the higher quality sites will not.
  • Incorrect categorisation - your piece needs to be in the most appropriate category to get visitors and decent ranking benefits. The tools tend to take a broad-brush approach to this and your piece will often end up appearing in 'miscellaneous' or 'other' categories.
  • Branding - most bulk submission services use group accounts which severely limit the ability to include accurately focused signatures or biographies, including correct control of the link anchor text -- which is after all the bulk, if not the entire reason for the exercise!
Our Approach and Offering
As with all of our solutions, Search Sciences content syndication can be used in conjunction with other solution components as part of a wider campaign, or as a stand-alone service.

Creating the Content
We can optionally create the content for you or we can happily use pieces that you have created or had written by other firms. In some cases this is ready to go whereas other clients are able to provide us with research notes and ask us to pull the information together. Others simply want a final 'polish' applied to their content. In line with our overall approach, we can help anywhere in the process, from managing and delivering all content to just those final touches. We are happy to provide clients with our internal guidelines and tips for article authoring. Where required, we verify each client-authored piece, checking that it is:-
  • Uniquely structured and presented
  • Relevant
  • Grammatically and syntactically correct
  • Keyword balanced (contains an appropriate keyword density / number of occurrences of the target search terms for which the page or article in question is optimised without appearing to be over-optimised which also attracts a penalty)
  • Correctly structured
Identifying the right sites
Our team of researchers will identify the PR or content sites most appropriate to your business and to your target subject areas. We maintain and constantly update a database of PR and content sites - the good, the bad and the cosmetically challenged! This alone gives significant economy of scale and minimises time wasted on trial and error. We also research new sites based upon the needs of each client campaign and target subject area. This can range from a deep search of sites specific to an industry through to looking for the submissions of your key competitors. Content can be potentially submitted not just to mainstream PR or content sites but to other content-rich, subject or industry-specific sites.

As highlighted in our section on linking campaigns it is important that you build links at an appropriate rate: too many too quickly can attract a penalty. Too few and the effect is compromised. Once we have identified the appropriate sites, we then submit content at an agreed run rate in the proper way:-
  • GUARANTEED submissions - we track each submitted piece until it is either live on the relevant site or until we believe it is not going to be published (in which case we re-submit it to another site). This ensures that you are guaranteed the number of content-led links at the agreed run-rate - it is one of the few areas in linking where any level of guarantee is possible!
  • Unique submission - with the exception of press releases for general broadcast, each piece is submitted once only to one relevant site. This ensures maximum acceptance rates by the higher quality sites and avoids any potential search engine duplicate content penalty.
  • Correct categorisation - your piece needs to be in the most appropriate category to get visitors and decent ranking benefits. Our researchers hand pick the most appropriate category with each submission.
  • Online tracking - almost all of the better quality PR and content sites have an internal approval process prior to setting content live. This typically ranges from 12 hours through to 2 weeks. All submissions are therefore tracked using our LMS system. Using this system, you can see and report upon the status of all submissions on-demand 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.
Re-using the content
Having researched and written a piece -- or indeed having had us author it for you, there are further options for the potential re-use of the work. Although submitting the same piece to multiple sites or re-using it in exactly the same form elsewhere is not good practice, the investment in the underlying research for the article can be re-used and the piece re-written accordingly. This offers the potential to re-use it in revised form for:- Please contact us if you would like further information on any of the solutions described above.

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